Live in this…

Today began at 7bells and ended at 6bells and some change tonight. Six practices. Six freakin’ magic practices. Tomorrow begins at 6bells and some change down at the Shoe with 20-30 krazies running stairs and working cores. Tomorrow’s gonna end around 8:30pm with a bunch of female ballers in the Schott. In between there’s gonna be five freakin’ magic practices with a variety of teams from body builders to bankers. Kinda like today, it’s gonna end with me tired and hanging with my Miss. You see, friend, hard opus you can sustain as you tire – hard labor, not so much.

I’m not whining or complaining. I’m looking forward to hard practices like most people look forward to relaxing on the beach. You see, tomorrow, just like today, I’m doing exactly what I want, exactly the way I want, with exactly the kinda individuals, teams, and leaders that I want. I’m not chasing some dinero at the expense of my desire. I’m freakin’ lit by the thought of getting to do what I love with those that I love.

See you at The Shoe krazies. See you at the Arnold, Worldwide Bob. See you homies out east. See you soon, fauxnomo. See you later Grapplers. See you T and Doc. See you ballers at the Schott. And, see you Miss at the end of another opus week. See you soon. You see, I can see myself doing this for the rest of my opus filled life.

Are you interested in getting through this or looking forward to living in this, friend. You and I are meant to live in this. Good…

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