Give and take…

All healthy systems establish rules and build structure and order as they become one. All healthy systems, at the same time, allow individuals, teams, and leaders the freedom to figure out their own way forward. Structure and order matter. Freedom does as well. And, no system can legislate itself to greatness. There will never be “one size fits all,” for whatever obstacle is in your way.

Today, during practice 24, a team heard a story about an individual putting his interest below the interest of the team. In essence, someone is “taking one for the team.” This is the exception, not the norm. When we study the healthiest systems, however, this mindset is foundational to building long, sustainable strength. Somewhere today, someone strong, someone who believes in something bigger than themselves, and someone a lil’ bit crazy, is choosing to take one for the good of the whole.

Imagine how amazing this country could be if you and I did likewise, at least once in a while. You see, friend, we don’t get better, collectively, when our strongest are simply thinking about what’s best for themselves. We get better, when our best are thinking about what’s best for the whole. Good learning, today, by a team of different divisions, different agendas, different ideas, and different ideals, learning to come together instead of coming apart. Imagine, if our country was doing the same…

What is best for your team, leader? What is best for your team, high performer? What is best for your team, normal teammate? Give more than you take, friend.


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