Drawn in…

It seems we humans are exquisitely attuned to each other, especially to each other’s emotional states. We sense something special when we draw near to someone of “mass.” They seem strangely calm, yet exude energy. Peace and purpose are present in their twenty square feet. We can’t help it – we’re simply drawn in…

These few are amazingly open, welcoming other points of view, all while tuned in like an animal being stalked. These strong ones make us feel like the most important person in the room. For all their openness, they seem anchored to something substantial. They may have listened deeply, but neither patronized our viewpoint nor wavered on theirs. When they speak, their remarks are never simply chatter. You get the sense they say what they mean and mean what they say. There is nothing unintentional about them. They know who they are, why they are here, and how they’re getting from here to there.

We’re simply drawn in…

Normal folks are “low gravity,” sometimes “zero gravity,” as my friend Sully has coined ’em. Most have not built a strong CORE, and therefore their gravity field is weak. Attractiveness might be present on the surface, but because there is no massive center to them, their personal culture fails to draw us in. We witness normal kinda behavior: distracted, bored, worried, or the business worlds favorite – busy.

Low-gravity people float. They look past you when talking to you. They bounce around topics. They text like a banchee, interrupt your chat to take a call, and appear unaware of their impact. If they come back, you can sense they are just waiting for you to shut up so they can tell you what’s up. They’re masters of triple d, yet strangely uninformed. You pick up a weird kinda vibe that despite the fact they aren’t listening to you, they desperately want to impress you. They really care what others think about them and seem uncomfortable in their own skin. They don’t know why they’re here, they don’t own their PA, but they sure look busy doing it – whatever “it” is…

Mass attracts mass. Strong, BTL core centered leaders, draw us in. The coolest piece is it appears to require very little effort. The strong simply are who they are and do what they say they’re gonna do. The strong know why they’re here and how they’re going from here to there. The result?

We’re simply drawn in…

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