Worldwide Bob…

Last night I watched one of my clients knock it out of the park. He was the featured speaker at an Ohio Cancer sauté. I wasn’t sure how well he would do as he followed a few professionals including a kinda hippyish looking former mayor forever named Coleman. My client wasn’t intimidated and didn’t try to be someone he’s not. Nope. He’s become comfortable being who he is. That’s enough.

So, last night, Robert brought down the house. He had the audience eating from his hands thirty seconds in. He took them back to the good old days with his hard act to follow father. He made ‘em laugh, took them to a silent state of awesome hush, and nearly brought forth a tear or two. You see, my friend has found his voice. When we began this work of BTL, he resisted every advance. Didn’t think he could write and didn’t want to read. The only thing he was convinced of was of who he’d never be. I renamed him “Mule.” He was stubborn and scared. We fought a lot…

Last night, Robert was bad ass and, this morning, I told him so. He’s done the work inside and changed his mind. He’s comfortable, competent, and confident. If I had on a shirt with buttons (never), they would have been popping off as my heart grew two sizes watching from nearly hidden, dark corner of the ballroom. As Robert made his way off the stage, I exited silently myself with a Duchenne smile creasing my slightly wrinkled face. The dark night greeted me and my smile somehow seemed to spread as I walked out into the great wide open.

It’s good to enjoy anothers performance. It’s good to be genuinely happy for another. It is good. Thanks, Robert, for your trust and for your willingness to do the work. You’ve gone from mule to mustang. Green grass and open meadows await. Well done. From now on, I guess, I’m gonna have to get comfortable with your new name.

Good job, Worldwide Bob…

1 thought on “Worldwide Bob…

  1. Slightly wrinkled face, come on MAN! You mean Old Wrinkled Face!! AND….you do know how to Coach…..Build….and Inspire those lucky enough to work with you, be really GREAT!! Love Ya Dude! Keep Building!

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