Better than you think…

Yesterday, the afternoon ended with fauxnomo practice 60, grappler practice 56, and baller practice 4. Each practice was glorious in their own, unique way. In the fauxnomo practice we talked about what teammates want to receive from their leader to give their committed best. The grapplers talked about the wrestling within. MoreofKollin and Nato stood up on a box and shared what they’ve been writing about regarding the wrestle within while building their worldview. With all eyes on them, they simply stood and delivered. The wrestling room was lit.

A short drive down the road to practice 4 and Sierra’s desired start with Sunday supper style sharing. You see, she showed up first and I asked her where she would take practice if she were the leader. She choose Sunday supper and asked me to choose the subject. So, we all put ourselves in the position of head coach and told our teammates what we thought our team needs to talk about tonight. Sierra gave me the reins, you see.

I gave ‘em right back.

Driving home, a quick ninety minutes after practice 4 began, I couldn’t stop smiling about how blessed we are to do this work of BTL. You see, friend, every team we work with is weird in such a freakin’ magical manner. The world does not need another normal team filled with fear, playing it safe, and simply talking about some bullshit strategy to build another run of the mill project, pin some weaker opponent, or run another nearly perfect out of bounds play. The world needs another team or three that does krazy projects filled with meaning that fit their criteria. The world needs to see some wrestlers who’ve already won their toughest match – the struggle within. And, friend, the world needs to see some women teammates who’ve come together cookin’, laughin’, and creating some comradarie that has them cookin’ with unmistakeable chemistry on the court!

The world needs your team to become the best it can be. Ain’t none of this possible without BTL kinda team practice, without being “unproductive” taking time to learn each other’s real language, and accept our differences while building on our strengths. You know this. If you’re not practicing, however, you’re stuck in the most familiar, common, normal trap of humanity. You know what to do and yet you aren’t doing it. Modern thinkers call this the “knowing doing trap.” Me, I just call it normal.

Thanks, Brett, Grappy, Cbear, Beth, and Coachkevin for being a bit nuts. We’re cookin’ up some chemistry and you and I are only the catalysts. You and your teammates are not normal and, as I keep reminding you, you’re better than you think. You are. Remember, the elite are hard on self without getting down on self. So, keep being hard on self and not believing you’re on top. Keep acting like you’re behind. Keep living in the tension. Kinda confusing, normal reader, huh?


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