Thinking too much…

Practice 44 with Laurens leaders was our best to date. This team of good looking professionals got some stuff out on the table that few teams do. We started off with everybody in a hurry and ended with learning the power of taking it kinda slo. In between we dealt with conflict. Conflict between divisions. Conflict between teams. Conflict within.

Remember, friend, your most performance limiting conflict is your conflict within. You think it’s with your fiancé. You think it’s with your son. You think it’s with your boss, brother, some badass, or a bigbadbully. Your most limiting conflict is your conflict within. You, friend, gotta clean out your craw. You see the stuff you’re holding in is accumulating and it’s not getting better as it ferments deep within you. When your justice thread is tweaked and you get sideways, too many in our passive aggressive, say nothing offensive kinda nice looking culture, are developing the habit of attempting to letting it go. The problem with letting it go, is most aren’t letting it go. Letting it go would mean making a decision to forgive. For most, forgiving is a great idea until there’s someone to actually forgive. So, most, simply try to forget it. Your craw remembers, however.

So, away you go trying to get stuff done while thinking too much. Yup, that’s the biggest productivity culprit on today’s passive planet. All over this world, sideways kinda humans are waiting for the perfect time to talk about that stuff accumulating in their craw. Stuff is getting nastier and becoming less likely to be removed in a sanitized fashion. So, we think some more about how to get it out without “being that guy.” You know, nobody wants the reputation of “being that guy.” What the hell does this even mean?

So, as practice 44 came to a close, I reminded this talented team why it’s so important to build your BTL core. The number one benny of building a strong sense of self is you won’t have to think. Most of you are thinking too much, acting too little. I’m not saying that most of you aren’t doing enough. Most of you are doing a ton, you’re always on, constantly texting, working hard, putting in long hours, and busy, busy, busy. However, most of you are busy doing stuff that doesn’t align with your BTL core or your self authored OPUS. You’re too busy, you tell me and any who’ll listen, to do that. You’re too busy thinking about how to deal with the conflict you just can’t get ahold of. Too busy thinking about how to do everything she wants, he wants, they want, and that you think has to be done to get ahead. You’re thinking too much.

The number one benny of building within is you won’t have to think. How much might that be worth, friend? This rant took next to no time to write. It just came out without me so much as thinking. Good…

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