Autonomy. Contribution. Community…

We tend to over value compensation, friend, when it comes time to transition, opportunity comes knocking, or when seeking the next challenge. Of course compensation matters. We simply over value the metrics we can measure. Many a mistake has been made chasing cold, hard, cash instead of the stuff that matters most. Fact.

Here’s what matters most to high performers. Autonomy. Contribution. Community.

Autonomy. All humans love the feeling of control. When you evaluate your next opportunity don’t make the mistake of under valuing how much autonomy comes with the position. Autonomy is over looked in the interview process and is the cause of many, many early exits. The elite get beyond frustrated when their sense of autonomy is overtly constrained by another. Autonomy matters more than you think.

Contribution. All humans want to make a significant contribution, not just the cold, hard cash. So, when it comes time to evaluate your next opportunity, make sure you know your signature strengths, the kinda work where you’ve gained domain specific expertise, and what lights your soul on fire. Opportunity that aligns with who you are, your gifts, and gives you a sense of significance are gonna reward and refresh. Contribution counts. Don’t get enamored with position, power, prominence, or pay at the expense of work that gives you the gift of contribution. We are meant to derive meaning from our work, not simply labor in vain. Contribution matters more than compensation.

Community. All humans want to become and belong, remember. You cannot do your best work where you feel like you’re alone or, worse yet, an outsider. All humans do their best work when enveloped in a community where care is given and taken. Real community is the catalyst for team chemistry. Team chemistry only comes when we deeply understand and are understood by those with whom we work. Team chemistry is the one you want. For those who’ve tasted it, they know how much it’s worth. Yes, friend, community counts.

Of course, you’ve gotta get paid. Compensation matters. It’s just not numero uno. Your brain overly focuses on metrics. The human spirit, however, is fueled on feelings, especially the feel good feelings of autonomy, contribution, and community. You know this. We do our best work where we feel like we’re in control, our contribution is making a difference, and we’re hanging out with close friends. Chemistry. FM, baby…

Autonomy. Contribution. Community. When your next opportunity comes knocking, friend, I suggest you over value these three. Good…

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