Rob Lowe version 3.0…

A few folks recently read an old rant of mine about Rob Lowe and it caused me to get his book titled Love Life, and give it a second look. My favorite learning from this book was Rob’s coaching to his son when dropping him off at college. His son was doubting his belonging at this place of higher education. His son was anxious. He turned to Dad for some solace and courage. Dad, remember, never even went to college much less one with the pretense and pressure found in this moment. Here’s what he told his son in his moment of doubt.

“Never compare your insides to someone else’s outsides.”

Talk about some ccd, freakin’ magic. Oftentimes, our crazy, negative beliefs begin when we compare our insides to someone else’s outsides. We assume, since they look so good on the outside, they most certainly have it all figured out on the inside. We compare and find ourselves coming up small, so we play to it. Instead of comparing, friend, use your psychic energy to build your insides – your BTL core. Build within. Become who you are. As you do the heavy lifting within, you’ll start to see others outsides as, well, just their outward appearance. Nothing more. Nothing less.

As you gain strength within, you’ll focus on living in alignment with who you are, and this freedom will allow you to be grateful for the differences in teammates around you. Instead of comparing and competing, you’ll find yourself complimenting, congratulating, and encouraging. Good. So, friend, never compare your insides to others outsides. Build your insides and fill ’em with love so you’ll have something good to give to someone else.

What team couldn’t use a few teammates who never compare but instead make it their default to compliment, congratulate, and give courage? I’m not sure, but I’m willing to bet your team could use a giving teammate. Go on. Be ONE. Good…

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