We relate to weakness and wounds more than wins…

Today, at the very, very end of practice 243 with a team of talented collectors, my son, Taylor, asked to share his learning. I was already putting a bow on it and was not expecting his hand in the air. Without hesitating, I gave him the green light and he took it from there. His learning was spectacular and it felt as if we were transported from a conference room to a Church. Very cool.

He shared his learning which was mostly a challenge to the team to go deeper, more real, and get to the roots of the struggle. The breakthroughs, he shared, come when we go down and get after the raw stuff, even though it’s not easy. His voice shook with emotion as he shared his heart and you could sense his hurt. He put a bow on it and it was good.

My mind was transported back to some of my favorite learning about our country’s first president, George Washington. You see, friend, George almost lost his team before we won our independence. His warriors were wounded and even worse feeling unappreciated by Congress. Pay had been promised and promised and promised. Nothing had shown up in the warriors bank accounts. Nothing. So, George called a huddle and brought his rebellious troops together before they went all awol on him. He had prepared a pep talk for this moment of truth. As he looked out over the crowded Church where they had gathered that morning, he pulled out his written notes and realized he couldn’t read them.

Fumbling for his spectacles, he muttered something about how he had grown weak and nearly blind in service to his country. The men wept like babies. You see, friend, most of ‘em had never seen George with glasses. In George’s moment of weakness he won them over. Who can’t relate to dragging ass? Who can’t relate to feeling weak and nearly blinded by their plight? Who can’t relate to your struggle?

So, friend, take Taylor’s challenge and stop playing on the surface. It’s one thing to say we’re real and raw ‘round here and a whole nother thing to actually be it. Thanks, Tay, for taking a last minute swing and knocking it out of the park. It was a good bow to a day filled with barriers being broken. Who knew the wrapup would come from exposing a weakness and wound. Who knew that sometimes the best way toward victory isn’t found in focusing on the wins. Who knew?


1 thought on “We relate to weakness and wounds more than wins…

  1. Oh what I wouldn’t have given to be a fly on the wall for this practice and listen to Tay share his heart. It’s a good one, that I know for certain.

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