Adapting along…

Today, like just about everyday, I heard from a few clients knee deep in “the shit,” as the SEAL’s would describe. As I listened to their very specific situation and the adversity standing in their very unique way, I was kinda tripping in my head about how history does repeat itself. Funny, even though in the moment, my clients weren’t laughing.

Here’s the gig. We build inner strength through authoring and living our BTL core. We build outer clarity through authoring our aim – our OPUS. And, we understand that even the best laid plans get us out the door and on our way – that’s about the extent of it. From the moment of departure, we gotta adapt and soon enough, adapt some more. A strong BTL core, coupled with a self authored OPUS, gets us to take the leap of love. Good. Once we’ve left the Shire, however, the journey’s mostly defined by how well we adapt and adapt some more. You and I gotta commit to figure it out, or as author Robert Quinn likes to say – “We build the bridge as we walk upon it.”

Figure it out, friend. Figure it out. You’re not alone in the feeling that you just stepped in it. You’re not alone. We are all in it. The best simply keep adapting along. Good…

2 thoughts on “Adapting along…

  1. I have learned sometimes you need to take a step back, readapt, and reapproach. It does not mean it’s a failure…as long as there is courage and self-reflection behind the decision (and not fear), you are moving in the right direction. Fear keeps you on the wrong path. My OPUS has not changed, but the way in which I plan to execute must be adapted in order to move forward. Thanks for the timely reminder.

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