Good. OPUS. Conviction…

Recently, a client of mine, shared the latest rinse to his “O” – Overarching Vision for his OPUS. I love when clients find their voice and use our tool to further refine their message. You see, friend, OPUS is a tool. It takes you to complete the design and make it yours. Only you can author your opus – your labor of love. Only you know when it’s given you the kinda clarity that leads to conviction. Only you.

Here’s my clients recent rinse. These words may not mean much to you or to me. For my client, however, these words are convicting. Good.

“My vision of our work is to find, support and deploy Associates that will aggressively accelerate the evolution past our industry’s many innefficiencies. Our producers will lead the way by being present, avoiding pyrrhic battles and showing complete accountablity to the Associates. As is customary within the US Marine Corps, the officers “eat last” and so will we. The combination of our ownership model and significant levels of trust will allow us to pay our Associates generously AND reward producers substantially for their efforts. In our environment, work and play will become indistiguishable. Our competitors will, over time, lose the will to fight over the ground we choose to occupy. No one wants to fight an opponent that fights often, wins often and smiles while doing so. Our producers and associates will be so protective of our culture that internal threats to it will be handled without resistance. Our clients will select us because our teams are curious, disciplined and decisive. Our communities will embrace us for our willingness to share our financial success and, more importantly, our donation of time.”

Good rinse, friend. Good work. Good opus. Good clarity. Good. OPUS. Conviction. Good…

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