MORE Good. OPUS. Conviction…and FOCUS

O.P.U.S. Focus is what you want.

When you get the kinda clarity the clients which Chet just wrote about have, the team starts believing and will soon be-living out their beliefs with uncommon practice.   What you say “yes” to and “no” to and WHY becomes crisper.    As goals become clearer, so does the mojo as you go into mo’ flow as ONE – distinct and deeply connected.

I love what my start-up client has done with their O.P.U.S.   A picture is worth a thousand words, so here it is.    I took this one during Team Practice #34.  Behind 3 team members you can see their O.P.U.S. is up on the wall as big as a Jumbo-Tron.  It’s clear, it’s living, it’s constantly under construction – and of course, don’t miss this – it’s literally HUGE.

OPUS Scoreboard

At the very top in a clean-mounted font is their P-urpose followed by the next phase for their O-verching Vision.   It’s the Dream State for where they want to be by June 2018.

In the 5 rectangles below are their Five U-nifying Strategies.   Below each U-nifying Strategy in a clean-mounted font are the priorities for each, and then on the whiteboard in blue marker is their Playbook of Productive Actions (Goals) with a date and initials for the mustang in charge.   Behind that is their S-corecard – a sticker in Green/Yellow/Red for whether they are on track, under caution or in trouble.

This team is building trust to tell each other exactly what they want, what they are doing, and how they are doing.    Like FLOW, the goals are clear, feedback from the work itself is immediate, there is challenge in the zone stretching their capacity, and they do it as ONE.

They have O.P.U.S. Focus.    Together we improve.


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