Home with the homies…

Today, during practice 28 with a team of Homies, we introduced a new executive to BTL practice. We put him on the hot seat. I did so intentionally; his teammates, not so much. Today, Rory nailed why we practice. Cashcash forgot his anesthesia but cut like a surgeon. Scott thought he was selfish in his questions, while my son thought Scott was sensational with his specificity. Stitch called bullshit on one. Jim called it on all of us.

As I watched and took this practice in, my heart grew softer and larger even though many might find that hard to believe. Today a team of sixteen, representing one of the best systems in our city, grew in both size and stature. We’ve been practicing for one year now. Introducing a newbie, now, reveals how far this team has moved from playing it safe to crossing all kinda lines on the way to breaking performance barriers previously thought out of reach. We, the BTL band, are not the reason for this teams growth. We are only the catalyst, as Merriam-Webster defines we are “agents that provoke or speed significant change or action.” And, no matter how strong the catalyst, coach, or builder, aint nothing happening unless you’ve got the right ingredients with which to mix it up. In other words, BTL practice alone won’t change you or your system. You, teammate, gotta do the work. You’ve got to let hard drills lay you out. You’ve got to be willing to regress to truly progress. Yes, Brandon, learning new skills is always clunky and feels like we’re going slower before we speed up.

Eliminating chronic pain with the acute pain does not eliminate the chronic stuff immediately. Let’s say you decide you want to eliminate chronic lower back pain and begin a regiment of push ups, pull ups, and planks to strengthen your core and lessen the pain/strain on your back. You’re gonna feel worse before you feel better. Yeah, for awhile your entire physical system is gonna be sore. However, as you continue to practice core strengthening exercises, slowly the chronic’s going away. With a healthy back, you produce more work with less effort. You move more quickly and recovery from setbacks less stressfully. The same is true when learning new leadership skills. Remember, leader, we can only do what we’ve learned to do. Mastering anything takes a freakin’ long time, requires outside catalysts, good teammates alongside, and someone who can facilitate deliberate practice that builds, pushes, pushes, and pulls us back just before we break.

Today, Mark finished us off as he spoke from his heart and turned practie 28 into Church. I’m sure it hurt and I’m quite certain the acute pain is already gone and real healing happening. Good work, Homies. You’ve grown beyond belief in your first year of BTL team practice. I love the Thursday’s we practice together. It’s beginning to feel a lot like home. Home with the homies, who knew. Home with the homies. Thanks for doing the work. Keep working. Good…

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