Tonight, at the end of practice 63 with a team of grapplers, I told my dear friend, Grappy, that he’s grown like I can’t believe in the four years we’ve worked together. He’s always been a love cat. Now, he’s a love cat whose learned to be a strategic cat too. Tonight we heard Keyshawn tell his teammates stuff that most nobody ever reveals. We heard Bo do the same. And, Myles shared stuff about his family that normal humans never let out of the bag. Tonight, we built trust as we talked about the marked difference between reputation and character.

You see, friend, your reputation is what others think of you. You got little control here, my man. Some people just are never gonna think highly of you regardless how mighty your accomplishments. Some people just don’t get you and some folks you ain’t never gonna get either. Focusing on your reputation is a recipe for mental illness, anxiety, and a prison sentence from other peoples minds. Focus instead on what you can control, friend. Focus on building your character – who you are. You have a ton of control here. Mental strength is found when we focus our limited psychic energy where it exerts maximum control. Focus on building a more virtuous you, friend. Focus here.

Tonight, a team of grapplers were given the gift of BTL by their leader who believes. Grappy believes in something bigger than him. Grappy believes in his team. Grappy believes in his ability to control himself and as he shows these young men the way, he believes they’re gonna figure it out for themselves. Grappy loves his work and loves his team. Tonight, as we put a bow on practice 63, it felt like we were in some kinda beautiful Church service. The wrestling room felt like a sanctuary, well, because it’s become ONE…

ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL.

Thanks, Grappy, for the gift of your belief. These young men are gonna do much more than win National Championships. These men you are building are gonna change the world. So good to see. So good to be with you on this journey. So good to see elite athletes seeing so much more than a mat. So good to see that they’re beginning to sense what really matters. So good.

Keep up the good work, Grappy. Keep working. Good…

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  1. You post too much. Wait a week, figure out what was best and share it. Don’t share everything. We do not care that much.

    Mark D. Henderson Executive Vice President Lockton Companies, LLC Cell 816-309-1947

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