Be with. Talk. Transform…

Today, slow down and take the time to talk more. Remember, you don’t give a talk, you give a speech. Talking involves speaking and listening. The best talks are almost always the ones where the leader, or the one in the perceived “one up” position, does the majority of the listening. We tend to remember speeches of great leaders. Interestingly, most of the famous speeches (think MLK, JFK, Churchill, Ghandi, Mandela, Thatcher, or Abagail Adams) were ccd and really, really short.

Most game changing talks are long, filled with stories, laughter, and lots of listening. Good talks are rarely scripted. Most great speeches, even those spoken from the heart, had plenty of pre-rehearsal and practice. Good talks, oftentimes, come when we least expect them. A long drive in the car, late night pizza, early morning slow ride on the bike, or just sitting down with a teammate and creating a locker room kinda moment. You see, friend, game changing talks take a leaders most precious commodity – time. Most leaders don’t have room in the margins to simply be with and talk.

Today, slow down and take the time to talk. Listen. Tune in like an animal being stalked. Be with. As Joy Mangano and many other inventors discovered, many creative moments just seem to show up when we slow down with teammates and get our brains going in the same direction. Who knew talking could transform? Who knew?

“Go, be with!” That’s who…

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