Pride – prisoner of your own mind…

Humans are not, primarily, rational beings.  Study the brain, study how decisions get made, study your decision patterns, study your leaders’ decisions, and here’s what you will find.  We humans are primarily rationalizers. Once we think we know something, we form a mental model that allows us to shortcut the process. Our brains love shortcuts. When we see the same set of circumstances from a decade before, at a different company, in a different industry, under different leadership, we assume too much. We rationalize instead of detaching and making a rational decision. And, we then congratulate ourselves on our brilliance.  This is how the untrained brain works.  And most of us don’t even fight it. In fact, most of us don’t even know it’s happening.  Most just keep running, in the same direction we’ve always run, and tell ourselves that we’ve got to go even faster. To make matters worse, once we’re a leader in our field, we are prone to every experts fatal flaw…


Pride of ownership, pride of being right, pride of being the go to guy all sets us up for the vice of closed-mindedness, of dismissing dissonant thoughts, possibilities, and other people with rapidity. I see this leader every week and it’s the cause of most self inflicted wounds, friend. This brain is “rutted” and doesn’t even know it. Nobody is that good. Nobody will be able to compete with everybody.

Everybody will win.

The team that brings everybody’s thinking to the board room, to the field, to “carpet and to the concrete,” the team that brings everybody’s thinking to the factory floor and to the showroom too, the team that brings everybody’s thinking regardless of their worldview, regardless their age, skin color, dress, quirky manners, and regardless of their unique differences from our corporate culture, is the team that will be unified as ONE.  ONE , distinct, deeply connected and BTL.

This team that will own your space.

The reason this team will own your space is simple and yet so hard.  Because they had the most diverse set of minds and a leader that allowed dissonant views to not only be heard, but actually encouraged and mined for them – they will win.  Because they leaned into their tendencies – they will win.  Because they heard the melody line through all the din and clangor and noise of this age – they will win.  This team will embrace the real, hard, work of practice.  They will practice, practice, practice.  This discipline will unify and align them.  This discipline will energize them.  This team, aligned and energized, will innovate their way right on by the competition. This team will appear as ONE, even though in reality they will be a collection of individuals, teams, and leaders just as you are.

Still don’t think you need to know more about your brain and the brains around you?

Think again, friend. Think again. In the future the team with everybody thinking will win. So, leader, remember this. Nothing changes your thinking until you eliminate your pride of ownership. You don’t have the corner office on ideas. Nobody is that good. Humble yourself and hear from those unlike you. Humble yourself and listen to your enemy. Humble yourself and ask better questions instead of defending your status quo. Do not allow pride to make you a prisoner of your own mind. Good…

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