Raise your aim…

C.S. Lewis told us we suffer from poor eyesight. Before him, Goethe said the same. Way before him, Jesus said as much. Way back when, Socrates kinda started the whole conversation.

Lewis reminded us that we’re offered a Holiday at the sea but can only see what’s in front of us – making mud pies in the street. Goethe told us not to dream small, but see the possibilities and dream big. Jesus told us to set our sights beyond the physical and keep our eyes on the eternal. Socrates started questioning everything and challenging us to see for ourselves, so to speak.

This seeing thing must be a big deal. Slow down and think about your eyes. What captures your focused attention? What are you looking for? Think about Jordan Peterson’s challenging insight to the power of eyesight – “What you aim at determines what you see.”

Want to raise your game? Maybe you are too easily pleased. Maybe your eyes need correction. Maybe you need to see beyond yourself. Maybe you need to see possibilities not just problems. Maybe you need to see obstacles in your way as opportunities to find the way. Maybe you need to see the bigger picture. Maybe you need to see what’s right in front of you.

Maybe you need to raise your aim…

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