Yesterday, during practice 217, I watched fourteen pairs of BTL buddies talk. This wasn’t just any talk. You see, these teammates shared stuff most couples don’t dare touch. The topic?

Resisting impulse.

Yeah, these k-dev krazies talked about where they struggle resisting impulse. The room erupted in smiles as I set the seconds timer and let these pairs connect, deeply connect. Almost twenty minutes later, the smiles were still present, and as Tay noticed, the mood was lighthearted. I laughed as I let that in. The mood was lighthearted while the topic was internal strife and struggle.

All life requires attention. We know this. We tend to forget it though, don’t we? Living things die without attention. Now, do I have yours?

Don’t underestimate the high cost of inattention. Attention takes almost all of your psychic energy. Did you know that? Fact. Listening drains your psychic reserves. Speaking ccd (clear, concise, and direct) is not easy either. Talking is not only time consuming, it’s psychologically draining when the topic is a tough one. Here’s the good news. Over time and with the aid of deliberate practice, you can talk about just about anything with almost anyone. You can learn to focus on the facts more than your feelings. You can learn to slow your cadence and even regulate the temperature in the room like a virtuous thermostat. You can learn, like the k-dev krazies, to remain lighthearted while taking on heavy topics. You can learn to love listening. You can learn to love by listening.

Now, imagine if you and I could learn to carry these kinda conversations home with us…

1 thought on “Attention…

  1. GM Chet! This is good stuff. I have really been struggling w staying in the moment so I can pay more attention to what’s going on w me! This really helps me to see how important it is in my marriage relationship too!

    I also wanted to thank you for all I learned from you in the past. I’m still learning to live out my ” opus”as you taught me!☺I lost the BTL book you gave me when I moved. Do you have any extras available? Are you still having the meetings I was attending? Can I meet w you at this time because I could use your insight on the grassroots nonprofit that I’m working on now. Please let me know.

    Wilma Collins

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