Nothing matters more…

I’m always thinking about why beliefs matter so much. Funny, I think about mine and yours nearly every day, ‘cause thinking about such things is my life’s work. I’m asking all my clients to write a top ten list, of sorts. I want to know what are the ten things that they think everybody ought to know. Don’t think too long. Just let the pen flow and let what’s top of mind flow to your parchment. Here’s mine, at least for now…

1. Nothing matters more than knowing what matters the most to you. Figuring this out for you is the aim behind authoring your BTL core, opus, and playbook of productive action. Start here.

2. There is a God and I think we can know Him.

3. One day you and I will die. Aim at Heaven. Live today like hell on wheels. Make it count. Take nothing for granted. Life is suffering. Practice gratitude.

4. Either or thinking is lazy and so yesterday. Practice the power of “anding.” Evolution and creation are true. We are good and bad. On and on it goes…

5. Love more. Love is a nearly inexhaustible energy source and we are made in it and for it. Start by loving yourself more. Love your family, friends, teammates. Love work. Love life. Someday, maybe you’ll be the one able to love the world. See 1 & 2…

6. Nobody is as wise as everybody. There are no enlightened ones, only ones still working on becoming more like light. Keep seeking more light.

7. Life is better when you learn to do hard things well. Start small. Keep working. Who knows maybe you’ll be the one solving big stuff someday soon!

8. Learn to laugh more and loathe less. See 5 as a reminder.

9. We are meant to belong and become. Nothing makes sense alone and you’ve got to go it alone, at some point. Find your tribe and try to keep it open to outsiders (at least those who want the best for you). Figure out who you are and keep figuring out who you’re becoming. Never stop. Never arrive.

10. Play more. Our most creative, inventive, and collaborative selves are found when we play. Play everyday. Play with your kids. Play with your brothers/sisters. Play with your teammates. Play with strangers. Play with people like you. Play with people you like. And, play with people unlike you and with people you don’t particularly like. Play. See 1-9 as a reminder. Nothing is so important that you and I shouldn’t play around on this serious, limited, and blessed time we share. Play more.

What do you think…

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