Proximity and presence…

Earlier this week, during another amazing BTL team practice, I was blown away by the volume of words shared by one, particular teammate. You see, we’ve been practicing with this team for quite some time and he rarely shares anything during practice. He seems engaged but he’s a man of few words so, it’s hard to tell.

That all changed in our last practice.

Here’s his writing to the team that led to his outburst and contribution. He had an “aha” moment doing his PA from the previous team practice. He had a moment and then came in and dominated, in a really great way. Let these words from a quiet one pierce you.

“I put this off and kept rethinking everything and it might have worked out for the better. After my meeting with Richard yesterday it finally hit me. I’ve spent the last 7-8 years of my career around leaders that didn’t actually care about me. It’s not that they were bad people. They cared about my work and were happy with the work I was doing but on a personal level I felt they could care less. I have been happy with my work but extremely unhappy with my previous employers. I’m not sure why it took so long to realize this but in my meeting with Richard yesterday he asked how things were going with me and it looked like I’ve been picking up weight. I have Crohn’s disease and lost 40lbs when I started at this freakin’ magic workplace. As basic as the comment was it made my day. I feel like I need to work on this with everyone and not just my current teammates.”

There is a huge difference between appreciation and caring. You can appreciate someone and the job they do without communicating how much you care. The number one emotion, remember, your team wants to receive from you is the emotion of caring. Funny, it takes few words to communicate caring. Sometimes none. Sometimes all the teammate needs is proximity and presence.

Proximity and presence. Good…

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