BIG Bird…

Today, our son Jordan (better known as Bird), called and invited me over for a final bowl before Miss and I fly outta here. Miss was sleeping with one eye closed but still remembered to remind me to take him a coupon to a local restaurant – Mom’s never stop being Mom’s.

On the drive over my mind raced to all the memories made over these past five days. It was good to see the Bird in his nest, so to speak. We ate his food, saw where he flies, and played on and in the water with him. We focused our attention his way and it was good. Miss struggled some with her health on this trip but she fought through it – had to be strong for her baby Bird, you know.

So, we fly north in a few hours. I’m still enjoying all the memories and kinda depressed at the same time. Not sure when we’ll see Bird next. He’s flown from our northern nest and is not coming back. Yeah, I know it’s the drill but that doesn’t mean I can’t allow myself to feel how much it sucks feeling our oldest one becoming autonomous. He still belongs with us even though he’s becoming his own Bird, you know? So, it feels a little sad as we pack up our belongings and leave our most precious belonging behind. You and I, remember, are primarily wired to belong and become. These two are oftentimes in competition. Your journey will be bitter and sweet as you figure out who you are, where you fit, what’s your contribution, where you’re headed, and how you’re gonna get there. And, as you transition from one stage to another, be prepared for the pain that comes as an unintended consequence of you and yours growing up.

These past few days we reconnected with one of our own. We understand he’s his own Bird and he’ll always be one of ours. ONE, distinct and deeply connected, even when our nests are anything besides proximate. God, help us all stay together even though we’re far apart. God, help us. Good to be with you, Bird. Good to be with our BIG Bird. Good to be with BIG Bird. Good…

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