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Nietzsche once said, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” We’ve been fixated on finding purpose, meaning, and significance, since the beginning, haven’t we? Nietzsche brought further clarity to mans search for meaning by boiling it down to – Find your why!

The BTL OPUS acrostic is our recipe for finding clarity for your life’s defining work. We begin with clients authoring a “wopus” (Thanks, Benjy), a work opus before working on authoring an opus for their life. The magic happens when the two blend together and as L.P. Jack stated, ”A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play…to himself he always appears to be doing both.” We, the BTL Band, are attempting to model the way. Much progress has been made in the sixteen years since our founding. Much more to come. Clarity takes time and an attitude of never arriving without losing energy along the way.

The “P” in our opus, the purpose, is the defining statement of our work. It’s our collective why. Like America’s founders, we don’t have to agree completely, only enough to keep us aligned and engaged toward the same big dream. Our purpose statement, like yours, is a work in process – it’s not set in stone. Actually, the entire opus aim is a living, breathing document. So, it’s gonna change if you, friend, are living it out. Every so often, you’ve got to rinse it, make it current, or it’s gonna become just like so many outdated words written on all kinda corporate walls across our world – meaningless.

I’ve been playing around with a change to our purpose for awhile now and feeling like it’s ready for more input. FD’s the only one I’ve rinsed with so far. So, you are seeing this at the same time the BTL Band is. All of you that know our work, and even those who just hang out here online, can feel free to tell us what you think. This is not a finished product. Funny, it never will be…So, here’s the current purpose – “We Awaken, Challenge, and together we Transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE. ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL.”

The rinse reads slightly nuanced – “We Awaken, Challenge, and together we Transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE. ONE, distinct, deeply connected, openly conflicted, and becoming BTL.”

It just seems to me we need to be more honest. The truth is that all individuals, teams, and leaders, even BTL ones, are filled with conflict. Our purpose is to get it out in the open instead of doing what humans naturally have been doing since the beginning of time – burying it under the rug. We all know burying conflict works, but only for awhile. So, as I reflect on the root of individual and collective transformations over our sixteen years of doing this, it comes down to coming clean. The awakening always involves surfacing buried conflict, getting it out in the open, and cleaning it up. This is why when you engage with us, it gets harder before it helps. The route to becoming ONE, is the one you want, friend. The bullshit you’ve been burying isn’t going away and it’s getting harder to walk around your room without stepping in it no matter how carefully you try to tiptoe ‘round. Real harmony and real unity leads to a sense of oneness. This is the heart of high performance. We know BTL practice and BTL team practice will help you, friend, become the distinct individual you’re meant to be. Through BTL team practice you and your teammates will become deeply connected and enjoy differences that once divided. And, conflict aint going away. Fact. Through BTL team practices, however, it’s no longer buried. Once it’s out in the open, it loses it’s power to trip us up. We learn to eliminate what can be eliminated, laugh at our own bullshit and even yours, and accept the stuff that’s not gonna change. Good.

What do you think, BTL Band, family, friends, and clients?

I hope to see you soon as, together, we build you and your team into ONE. ONE, distinct, deeply connected, openly conflicted, and becoming BTL. Never arrive. Never stop. Keep working. We are all a work in process. We are all becoming. Good…

3 thoughts on “BTL purpose…

  1. Hi Chet, maybe “wholeheartedly conflicted” instead of “openly”? When you are deeply connected to who you are and who others are, you engage with your whole and open heart to work through conflict and become one.

  2. Thanks, Shannonball. Lots of good dialogue on this topic. Your boy, DD, has been very involved and doing great work here. Hope you are well…

  3. I dig the logic of the “conflicted” part. Makes a lot of sense to me. What struck me even more so was the “becoming” you inserted. For the short time I worked with FD one of the most eye opening aspects was that he, you, the rest of the team and the rest of the leaders you work with are all “becoming”. It’s something I’ve had to remind myself of lately when I’m in my own head too much – we’re all becoming. That’s one of the things that unites and connects us and hopefully will as long as we live.

    Thanks for your writing. A previous post (Life) recently stirred a great conversation between a few buddies and I that are in different but similar seasons of life. BTL language has made it now into my parenting and my Bible study. Good.

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