March matness and madness…

Today, tune your dial to the Espn family of networks. Check out March matness. The OSU grapplers are kicking butt up In Cleveland on the 8 mats inside the Q. Watch Nato, the duke, Joey, Key-Shawn, Mic, Te’Shan, Bo, Myles, Kollin, and Kyle put the hammer down on their opponent. Watch these young men battle through 7 minutes filled with adversity. Yesterday was my first trip to matmadness and it was fun to see. It was so great to see these young men pursuing their passion with such conviction, commitment, confidence, and even calm.

Tomorrow, do more of the same. Check out the NCAA wrestling finals and watch a bunch of Buckey’s become NCAA champions. Catch the vibe of oneness, you cannot miss it. Check out the warmth of their leader, Tom Ryan (Grappy), and see what it looks like to love your work and love your team.

And, check out OSU Women’s Basketball tomorrow at 1pm Eastern on that same ESPN network. Check out the madness. Watch Kelsey drive, dish, and knock down threes. Watch Asia defend and Lexa demonstrate heart. Watch KK be a commanding presence on and off the court and Sierra snipe three’s like a SEAL. Check out Linnea grabbing boards because of sheer will and Steph showing you how to run the floor and finish at the rim. Watch Savi and Karlie celebrating and contributing whenever their name is called. Watch Kevin and his coaches bring leadership from the bench and celebrate tenacious defense even more than competent offense. Watch this team play together.

You see, friend, both of these teams are becoming ONE, distinct and deeply connected. Both of these teams are becoming BTL. They are learning to love their work and love their teammates. We, the BTL band of builders, are learning alongside these teams and other krazy teams like them. God knows how much I love these teams. God, help me play a small part in making them do what they can. God, help me more fully love this work and all these teams you’ve trusted us to serve and unite.

Go Bucks! And, of course, Go Jayhawks too. Good…

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