Talent, toughness, and teamwork…

We started BTL team practice, recently, with me asking the team if they knew why I started a fight back in practice xyz. The team responded almost unanimously that they understood. In fact it would be an understatement to simply say the team responded. This team started to get the tension out of the system and has been keeping it out ever since. They’ve been having better fights, they told me. Quicker to get it out and it seems to come out better; bitter, not so much.

I told the team something I eventually end up telling every team we practice with. Your problem was you were choosing slow death over truth in love. Do not do this. When you choose chronic pain over acute pain, you lose energy. Life is an energy management problem. When you run out of energy you are dead. Do not become the walking dead, please. Life is too short. Choose the chronic pain of truth in anger before it becomes so nasty you can’t get it out. Normal people choose slow death. Do not be normal. You were all over this and the energy and buyin was evident and high.

This team is not normal. Nope. This team is loaded with talent and toughness. They’re learning to build teamwork. You see, friend, talent and toughness are not enough to reach your God given potential. Nope, it’s not. None of us, you see, is meant to go it alone. God designed us for interdependence, hence the BTL tagline – together we improve. All of us are a part of multiple teams and all teams are laced with conflict. Fact. Conflict, this team is learning, is not something to cower from. Conflict is most often simply a conversation to be had.

Talent is not overrated, leader, it’s just that teamwork is too often undervalued. Talent, toughness, and teamwork. Good…

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