Arousal emotions…

Last night, during practice 69 with a team of grapplers, we learned a little more about emotions and the elite. We heard the story, again, of how Nato has become an Olympian and Kyle an Olympic champion and arguably the best grappler in the world. They both love the sport and this is where we usually focus. Last night we focused on anger, namely anger directed toward their “current state.” The elite use anger to motivate them to move away from their current state. Your current state (getting comfortable here) is the enemy to your dream state.

I told the team the story of Kyle showing up at the 3PP following his freshmen year loss in the NCAA finals. He didn’t look angry, but he was. He attacked our workout, designed for little peeps, like he weighed a buck fifty. The intensity inside changed, his brother Kevin said last night. He kept a picture of his opponent dancing after defeating him. More fuel to move.

You see, friend, anger directed inward is one of the best ways to move you out of your current state. Use it here. I use this kinda righteous anger all the time on myself and my clients to move them out of the comfort zone. Many of them are comfortable with their progress, naturally. Since they’ve gotten busy on themselves and their teams, they’ve transformed – gotten better, a lot better. My job, as their builder, is to keep pushing them to do what they can. Your job, leader, is to keep moving. I mean, come on man, would you follow someone who’s sitting still?

I use righteous anger to move good people.

At BTL, we understand that good is the enemy of great. So, I push. Hence the nickname Angry bird (I’m really not). Once moving, we quickly switch to love and focus on the dream state – their opus. Opus, remember, is Latin for labor of love. Anger jolts us out of our status quo, our current state. Love enables us to envision a better state and keeps us productively acting as we build. Use both, leader. Use emotions to move you and your team toward your dream state. Logic alone is not enough. Passions fuel purpose, remember?

Look in the mirror. Be honest about your current state. Look out the window and dream big, imagine your dream state – your opus. Baby step your way one PA (productive action) at a time. Use your emotions. Use your arousal emotions. Do not let worry, doubt, and anxious thoughts use you. More on this in the next rant…

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