I love happy surprises. This weekend, one surprise counted as a “score,” if you will. You see the “s” in the BTL acrostic, O.P.U.S., stands for your scorecard for significance. We want our family, friends, and clients to establish a scorecard for their opus that tells them they are on the right track and making progress toward their labor of love. For me, one of these metrics is around being surprised by someone our work has touched. I scorecard emails, voicemails, texts, cards, letters, calls, and conversations where a client, former client, or someone who just reads these rants, reaches out to me in a way that aligns with our purpose at BTL.

So, when checking voicemails over the weekend one registered as a score. It was quite the surprise. “I just came from our Church service and thought of you. The speaker was Dr. Clarence Jones, a former advisor of MLK jr’s. He was outstanding and shared much that I know you will enjoy. Check it out and we’ll talk soon.”

A client took the time to help me. He knew this teaching would serve me. He’s really busy running a company, a family, and simply running himself, yet still he reached out. Here’s the funniest part. He’s an atheist. He doesn’t believe in God but he knows I do. What a wonderful, gratifying surprise. Score.

“Together we Awaken, Challenge, and Transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into one, distinct and deeply connected. ONE, becoming BTL. Together we transform.” This is the defining statement of our work at BTL. This is why we believe we’re here. Yesterday, a distinctly different man from me, took the time to bless me. FM, baby. No compensation changed hands. No new records were set. No public recognition registered. Yet, for me and my opus – score.

How do you keep score, friend?

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