Leaders know why…

Today, I helped a young man gain more clarity around why he’s here. Specifically, why he’s here working in this particular system. The “P” to your opus is the purpose, remember. Your role does not give you purpose, neither does your position. Your title doesn’t do it, nor will mucho dinero. Your boss can’t give you purpose either. If you want to find purpose at your place of employ, you’re gonna have to figure it out. You’ve got to figure out how to discover deep meaning in your day to day or you’re simply signing up for something unsustainable. Fact.

Today, a young man gained more clarity around why he’s here. I sent him away quickly to capture his most recent clarity in black and white – in words. Do not wait around for a role to define you, friend. Begin today defining you (your purpose) in your role. Do not wait for your boss to define you. You do not belong to her, do you? Do not wait for Dad to give you the nod. Do not wait for a well meaning leader. Do not wait. Initiate.

Remember, leaders initiate. Leaders know why. BTL Leaders know why they’re here, who they are, where they’re going, and why it all matters. BTL leaders seek clarity because with clarity comes confidence, conviction, competence, and calm. Why are you where you are, serving whomever you serve, and running full thrust toward whatever is your aim? You gotta know this with 20/20 kinda clarity. Do you?


1 thought on “Leaders know why…

  1. Love this: “Clarity begets confidence, conviction, competence, calm,” and CREDIBILITY as in believability that can’t be duplicated any other way.

    One of my main takeaways from my BTL days was this thought that emerged over time: The will of the Designer is found in the design. Study your design–the makeup of your temperament, talents, skills, and strengths of your mind and the values, deep interests, and goals on your heart–and the will of the Ultimate Designer will emerge over time to inform your purpose.

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