Full thrust reminder…

Yesterday, during practice 222 with some k-dev krazies, I debunked the idea that the elite measure effort in terms of hours worked. The elite, when we study them in nearly any domain, work only a few more hours than the mediocre middle. The difference lies in the effort in their hours.

Today, PJ was taking it easy and going through the motions. I mean come on man, he’s coming off shoulder surgery so shouldn’t he simply be going through the motions on his way back. No. Absolutely not. Of course he’s limiting his shoulder work. No problem there. The problem arises when you allow yourself to take it easy all the way round, not just ‘round your problem areas. So, being his friend, I told him to do a hard core hold while we did shoulder stuff. I told him to hurt himself (always hurts to gain strength) to help his healing. We all gotta hurt to really heal.

You see, friend, you are not who you think you are. You are not who you hope you are. You are not who your podcast, blog, or even peers think you are. You are what you repeatedly do. Do not get in the habit of doing B.S., half – hearted repetitions of anything. Put more effort into your hours. Good work, PJ. Keep working.

Full thrust, remember…

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