Become and belong…

I believe humans desire has two roots that branch out deep and wide.  We all desire to know who we are.  We want to see ourselves for who we are and know we’re unique and have a place in this world. We want to become the original we sense we are but can’t quite put our finger on. We want to know our identity.  We want to know our secret name, as The Book of Revelation reveals.

And, we all want to belong. We want to be understood by another and fully accepted. In other words we want to know who we are and achieve autonomy. And, at the same time, we deeply desire oneness with another. We want to belong on a team, in a family, neighborhood, club, charity, or some sorta community we can call home. Here’s the crazy part to this puzzle.  We can’t force our sense of belonging.  We can’t make someone want to be with us, join our team, treat us as family, be neighborly, invite us into their club, and understand and accept us for who we are.  We can, however, give this gift of belonging to another. We can let another human know that they can count on us. We can invite people into relationship and give freely to meet their needs. We are free to give this gift.

It just doesn’t seem fair, does it? Maybe, just maybe, there’s a giver above and beyond our visibility who gives above and beyond our minds comprehension. If all of us deeply desire to become and belong, doesn’t it make sense we all come from a creator who designed such desires? I mean come on man, that’s a hell of a coincidence, isn’t it?

Become and belong. What,friend, do you believe?

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