Coddle less…

A client recently told me that there are a number of people in his system that no longer come to BTL team practice because of me. They don’t like the way I speak. Seems I’ve offended many with being clear, concise, and direct. Today, in another BTL team practice with a completely different team, I told everyone in attendance that they suck at asking curious questions of each other and of me. It was unvarnished truth. I was not the least bit angry but used words and tone to get their attention. My job is to push for performance, period.

We’re on practice 55 and they still wait for me to lead them too much of the time. Today, in yet another BTL team practice, a young leader asked me what to do next with one of her “C” players whom she thinks (with a little more effort) could become a solid “B” or even “A” player. She’s tried a few different strategies and nothing seems to be working. By way of definition, a “C” player is someone who consistently gets passing grades, are in the middle of the pack in terms of performance, don’t cause problems, and, in this case, could do more. My council to her was ccd. What should she do?


Remember, leader, your job is not to be popular, it’s to lead a team with purpose and passion toward something worth giving your whole heart toward. You will not have every soul on fire, even though this will always be your aim. Focus on the few that have the skill, passion, and effort to be a 5X performer. Focus on the few that are not easily offended by honest feedback and want to get better even if it’s uncomfortable in doing so. Focus on the few high performers. Remember, every leader gets exactly the team they deserve. Want a better team? Become a better leader. Push the strong ones around you and stop placating the weak. Evolution is true. Why would you waste time worrying about C’s when there are A’s that, with just the right practice, could become A++.

Do less coddling the weak. Obsess more over improving your elite. Coddle less. Obsess more. Make your strong performers even stronger. Your system will do more than survive, it will thrive. Good…

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