Simple, not easy…

Yesterday, during BTL team practice 39, a brave leader shared his learning from his BTL 360 review with his teammates. He told them the good, bad, and ugly parts of it. He came clean. The team got curious with questions to gain clarity and the unintendend consequence was surprising, at least to me – half the team wanted a 360 of their own. So, instead of waiting, hesitating, and over-thinking it, I randomly paired ‘em up and asked them to write a little narrative for their peer that would make them an even better peer. It didn’t matter the level, title, position, or relationship of the random peer. Just offer them your perspective on how they could improve performance and let them decide if it sticks, I encouraged them.

I had no idea what I was starting.

I had never done this before but felt the flow calling me to act. So, I did. The beauty of team practice is that these ideas get lit all the time. This one was freakin’ magic in the making. For 90 minutes these pairs talked about how to drive team performance through the improvement of individual performance. Everyone exited practice 39 with one thing to work on. Instead of thinking about helping another peer, these crazies actually did something about it. We even teed up one to receive their “rebuke” in front of everyone. OMG. Amazing. One of my favorites smiled, leaned back, crossed his arms, and said all the right things. Instead of letting it go, I called bullshit. I spoke truthfully to him, in the moment, about the messages his body was sending that didn’t align with his words. I told him, “I don’t believe you.”

He came clean and told the group my assessment was spot on. He proceeded to tell his team the truth about why he didn’t want to do what he was hearing he needed to do. Turns out it was rooted in his fears about returning to the pattern of his last gig which had him on the road incessantly and insidiously. He, like all of us, was afraid. The humility and honesty was infectious. Always is. Yesterday, a few souls felt more at home at their place of work. A few heard how they can get better and a few are getting busy, today, getting better. Makes no sense how simple the performance equation really is and how complicated the human ego wants to make it! Feedback, friend, is a simple concept. Simple, not easy.

What did you learn yesterday, friend, that you’re putting into PA (productive action) today? I learned a couple nuances to mastering this craft. Come Monday, they’ll be put in play. Good…

2 thoughts on “Simple, not easy…

  1. Bummed I missed this one- sounds awesome. Can’t wait to get filled in!

    Have a great day Chet! 

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  2. Wow. Powerful, Chet. I have a situation where I can feel some tension with someone on my team. I haven’t been CCD and brought to the surface. I need to. Thanks for the nudge. Making the call shortly. Need to do it from a truth in love standpoint but not being honest is a recipe for disaster long-term.

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