Practice 40…

Today, during practice 40, we heard a few teammates share the O&P of their opus. It was really cool to hear how many are dreaming and doing in this place of commerce. It’s not about being a top place to work, the fastest growing system in this city, or any other metric from the media. This place is lit because a few of these individuals are lit. Always works this way in any system.

Today, one teammate lit another teammate up with some ccd magic. When giving his teammate feedback on his big dream, he told him, “It’s not a big enough dream if you’ve got to be invited into it.” He wanted his teammate to hear that he needs to initiate and stop waiting for the invitation. So good. Delivered so well.

Today, friend, stop waiting for the invitation to live out your dream. Initiate. If you’re waiting for the invitation, the dream isn’t big enough. Leaders are believers and connectors too. Leaders keep singing their song. They know they’re standing on solid rock, so they belt it out for all to hear. They initiate the effort. Leaders write the song, sing the song, and lead the audience in singing along. Today, during practice 40, we listened to U2 sing their song and a few of us kept singing long after the band left the stage. I think a not so young Jim got the message. We’ll know he did when he stops waiting to be invited into his opus and just starts belting it out.

What’s stopping you, friend, from singing your song? Why? Do you think the world’s a better place when you play small? Slow down. Sit with this for awhile. Sing your song. Good…

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