Fatigue to full…

Life is an energy management problem.

Recently, I challenged a team that’s feeling some battle fatigue to write out their top five drains. You know the things that when you see them on your schedule, you suddenly feel sick to your stomach or at a minimum feel some sense of dread. It did not take the team very long to fill the page with five fatigues. Next I asked them to write out five things that make them feel like the Energizer bunny. You know that feeling when you see something or someone on your schedule and you say to yourself that you can’t wait, can’t do it enough, and can’t believe your good fortune. These are, in BTL parlance, your love to’s. Love is pure energy.

As the team shared their top fives it was amazing that at least four out of five were things in their control. I mean come on man, do you really have to go to big parties that drain you like a tiny reservoir in Death Valley? I used to dread doing stuff like that until I discovered that big parties could be energizing if I did ‘em my way and deeply connected with a few instead of mindlessly mingled with many. I had more control than I thought. You do as well, friend.

Life is an energy management problem and it’s your problem to solve. Do not blame your being overwhelmed on others. Take responsibility for yourself. Stand up straight, shoulders slightly back. Decide that when you gotta do a drain, you’re gonna give yourself some sunshine and a short walk in the park (if that’s one of your love to’s). Do not allow circumstances and other people to deplete you. You choose with whom you mingle, where you work, and whether you’re getting better or growing bitter.

You choose. Your choices have consequences. Choose to feed the Energizer bunny more than the things that fatigue. More opus than labor. More alignment within your strong BTL core than with what others think, what’s popular, or what once defined you. Life is an energy management problem. Move from fatigue to full.

Problem solved…

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