Meaning trumps all…

Today, during practice 260 with a team choosing to be crazy, we talked about why we’re here. We shared our purpose for choosing to be employed by Choice. Amazing stories. Crazy clarity. We had a few first timers join our practice and we didn’t even take the time to introduce them. We played and they played along. We were a team of 27 and had a handful of newbies (first time BTLers). We didn’t tell them anything. We didn’t slow down and bring them up to speed. One newbie who had only been with this team for two weeks wept as she described how blessed she felt being somewhere she finally felt at home.

Today, during practice 227 with k-dev krazies, we shared our thinking with each other and it inspired many of us including my son Taylor. We were a team of 33 and had more than a few first timers. They felt right at home and said so. One commented she usually “out passions” everyone wherever she’s been. She said for the first time she felt out passioned by almost everyone around her. So freakin’ good.

Today, my son Tay, took all this in and shared how blessed he’s been being around this stuff this past year. God has blessed me with this time together. God has blessed us all, hasn’t he? I’ve been around this crazy experiment called BTL for sixteen years now. The peace and purpose I enjoy doing this labor of love is better than being a billionaire (I’m not one but my God I feel more blessed than any I’m betting). You could not pay me enough to get me to do anything but this labor of love, friend. Peace and purpose are powerful, huh.

Money talks. Fact. Meaning, however, shuts dinero down. I suggest you search for meaning, my friend. Wanna try talking me into anything? You won’t have much luck talking any of my krazy clients into anything either. Try talking Grappy out of grappling. No chance. Try talking Durp out of choosing Choice. Try making FD an offer he can’t refuse, you’ll see. Money talks. Meaning trumps money. Meaning trumps all…

What could we talk you into, friend?

3 thoughts on “Meaning trumps all…

  1. You could talk me into attending one of your BTL sessions next time I’m in CBus…you could talk me into attending your Chi-town gig with enough advance warning…that would be MEANINGFUL to me! Love to hear you celebrate peace through purpose, Chester. FM, Baby.

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