Mind your own…

Yesterday, during practice 17 with a team learning to talk truth, we heard some communications between teammates. The communications left us “reading between the lines,” if you will. This is normal. We are a very normal sounding team. The aim of BTL team practice is to make us weird. Extraordinary teams are always a bit weird. Isn’t it funny we’ve tried to fit in all our lives just to now finally start to figure out it’s the wrong aim. Funny, huh…

We talked through the root of speaking your mind and holding your tension, not anothers. This is a huge problem with so many. Don’t speak for others. Only speak for yourself. Make others own their stuff and speak up for themselves. I mean come on man, do you think it makes sense for your mind to rep somebody else’s business?

Mind your own.

The best teams speak their mind and it comes out of their mouths as truth in love. This is kind, not always nice. We need to remember that kind is defined as love in action. Nice is love in appearance. Be kind, teammates. Mind your own business and encourage others to speak their mind. Do not make the mistake of thinking you’re helping them by putting words in their mouth. Mind your own. Simple, not easy…

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