Loosening your grip…

Unintended consequences are an amazing part of history. Here’s but one of many. Back in 1780 when Benedict Arnold betrayed America for his love of money, it wasn’t what Clinton or Lord Cornwallis bargained for. Instead of Benedicts intelligence turning the war further toward the Brits, Benedicts betrayal woke us up.

You see, prior to his unthinkable lapse of judgement, the Continental Congress was all hung up on money. George Washington was begging and begging the politicians to pay our warriors. Nobody wanted to pay for a standing army. So, we let our finest starve! We turned against George III because he was taxing our bunnies but couldn’t quite see the irony in not paying our warriors. Yeah, before Benedicts betrayal, the American people were divided and acting like 13 colonies, not one. Nobody wanted to be inconvenienced till Benedict went and did the unthinkable. Do you see any parallel to us today?

Today, during practice 44, we went where young Ricky wanted us to go. We went all kinda different directions and none of them were according to my plan – kinda felt outta control too. We wrote our thinking on multiple occasions. I intended for people to get much different messages than they received. Didn’t matter. They got what they were supposed to get, I guess. The best BTL team practices do not go where I want them to go and rarely achieve some preconceived outcome I’m shooting for.

Unintended consequences often are the result of flow moments. Today we tasted some flow and the consequences are coming. Maybe, leader, you might benefit from loosening your grip – loosening your sense of control. You still with me?


2 thoughts on “Loosening your grip…

  1. that’s the pot calling the kettle black
    what happens when we do 3P and you’re in the room?

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