Calm, caring, and charity…

When hurting, humans do not hear well. So, leader, when communicating with your team remember to speak, mostly, when teammates are turned toward you. The problem for most of us is when we sense our team isn’t tuned in, we amp up volume, intensity, and tone. This rarely works. Save your breath, friend. Speak when the team is turned toward you and, better yet, is moving toward you too. Do not develop the habit of chasing humans with words – does not work and frustrates both sender and would be receiver. Chase problems, competitors, and complex situations. Chase after new ideas and speedy cyclists.

Don’t chase peeps who are turned away or against. Let them go. Speak to those turned toward you. I hope you, friend, are hearing this. I hope you received what I intended. I’m off to communicate, collaborate, and do a little core work with my Miss. Her hands are welcoming, her smile is Duchenne, and she is turned toward me. Grateful for Miss and more than a few friends. Focused on the blessing of those turned toward me and not on the pain from those turned away or against. I’m watering the blessed thoughts more than the bummer ones. We all choose what to water in our mind, don’t we?

Remember, the grass is not greener on the other side. The grass is greener where you water it.

You and I cannot control other peeps and whether or not they turn toward us. You and I can control our presence and offer calm, caring, and charity. God, help me stop chasing others and simply enjoy you and the peeps ‘round me. God, help me…

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