King Phillip II selected Aristotle to coach his son (Alexander age 13). The King wanted Aristotle to coach his son because Aristotle had a love for learning and he wanted Alexander to catch his passion for learning. He did.

Eventually Alexander the Great would conquer the world.

Remember this, friend. You can only do what you have learned to do. Nobody comes into their field a master. All masters, of any domain, are lifelong learners. Whatever your aim, friend, you’ve got a lot to learn and the more you learn the less (you’re going to realize) you know.

What are you learning to do today? Do not be afraid of failing as it’s the only way to really level up. Learn from a virtuous master before the universe teaches you a much harder lesson. Most lessons the universe teaches us are because we didn’t listen to wise instruction when things were going so swimmingly. Listen up. Swallow pride. Subdue ego. Humble yourself.

Learn. Never stop learning. Good…

1 thought on “Learn…

  1. Speaking as one whose ego often gets the better of him, I will say you have nailed the essential connection between learning and…wait for it…HUMILITY. Unless one recognizes oneself as basically ignorant of most of what the universe can tell us, one is doomed to scrape brick dust off one’s forehead forever, as I used to do. Some will say “Experience is the best teacher” but they almost never tell you that you’ll have to take the exam before you learn anything. Ouch.

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