A cord of three strands…

Jake Ryan, son of Tom Ryan (OSU Wrestling aka Grappy), got married to Abigail yesterday. The wedding was at a beautiful outdoor garden in Mansfield and started around 4:30. Jake asked his dad to marry them. So, when the time came, the two of them appeared at the top of the garden standing side by side waiting for his bride to make her way up the long, damp, grass avenue toward them. The sky was threatening. Slight drops of rain pelted Miss and I as we held our breathe for the thunderstorms clap that we knew was just miles away. Having just driven up in a complete downpour from Cbus, we were both afraid for Jake & Abigail and the interruption or destruction of their outdoor celebration. As we both looked around this beautiful setting, we didn’t see a backup plan. There were storms all around central Ohio, but looking up at Jake and Grappy, all you saw were sincere smiles filled with anticipation.

The show would go on.

You see, friends, these two have weathered lots of worse storms. Jake has lost a little brother. Tom has lost a son. Teague left them both suddenly, without warning, while playing games together after a routine supper back in New York. This brought a series of storms to this now family of five – a never ending series. However, last night, as the rain came down in buckets moments after the I do’s, you would never know the Ryan’s have weathered much of anything. The pure love on display all throughout this extended family was sunshine to the soul. By now we were all under the comfort of the reception tent and before the night was out, the sky would clear nearly completely.

Jake & Abigail are now Jake & Aby Ryan, Grappy told me as we sat and smiled about our journey together. We work together and we’re close friends. We are becoming stronger together as we wrap ourselves through experience, shared belief, shared passions, and shared struggles, around each other, and most powerfully, around our belief in God. This is the way God designed us according to Solomon as recorded in Ecclesiastes 4 9-12. In short, a cord of three strands is not easily broken. The world will tell you to get wrapped up around power, prestige, and prominence. Nothing wrong with any of these if God, not ourselves is the true center. The world will tell you to get wrapped up in work, sport, hobby, and all kinda entertainment. Choose wisely.

Last night, as we witnessed love in the making, it was a great reminder to follow God’s design for becoming a cord of three strands. Wrap yourselves around a few, friend. Always begin by wrapping around God who is Love. Storms will continue to come. A cord of three strands is unbreakable.

What are you wrapped around, friend? Good…

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