A lone…

“Together we awaken, challenge, and transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into one, distinct and deeply connected. One becoming BTL. Together we transform from a lone to all ONE. One L of a difference.” This is the latest rinse of our purpose. Every word means something to us, the BTL band.

What’s your interpretation of this latest rinse?

Are you awake and oriented times four, friend?

Who challenges you to leave your comfort zone and push yourself toward chaos?

Are you transforming a lone, alone, or as all ONE?

What is one L of a difference?

Do you know why it’s a lone instead of alone?

Everytime we practice one on one, one on a few, or facilitate BTL team practice, this is our why. We never stop waking ourselves more fully, challenging ourselves more completely, or transforming from self centered/other controlling to BTLcore centered/self controlling. We are just getting started in this journey of discovery and barely expressing our current selves. We are far from our best selves and this makes us smile. God has begun a good work and we can’t wait to see where He’s taking this most outrageous experiment. Our greatest construction site is within our souls, isn’t it? Our deepest divide is not with another, is it? As we each transform from a lone to all ONE, we discover one L of a difference – Love. And, this love changes everything. We no longer feel the need to power over, run away, or distant ourselves in any way from you, you, and even you know who.

Together we transform from a lone to all ONE. One L of a difference. God, help us receive so we can give, give, give. God, help us build transformational teams that love themselves, and love their work. God, help us all. God, help us become one. God, help us trust you alone…

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