Thanks Stud…

August 1, 2010 the 3PP (push up, pull up, plank – palace) was christened by the Littlest Fricker and me. We did one minute of work followed by one minute of rest. I could do one pull up and it wasn’t a good one. Slowly our cycling buddies and a few others joined in the fray. Most have come and gone in the ensuing eight years of acute pain. Jmo, downer, Blondie, Littlest Fricker, PJ, Stud and I have endured together. Grappy, Slo, Kevin, and outoftown Brett, have come on occasion. The core group has hardly missed a beat from the Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday routine. It’s been good. Together we’ve transformed.

However, today was Stud’s last day. He and his better half are heading South for retirement in the warmth of another sun. He’s been in the same spot in the 3PP for what seems like forever. He’s leaving his straps and promises to return whenever he comes back for a visit. It will not be the same without him here. You see, Stud earned his name. He’s 65 and by far the strongest man in the palace. He does perfect pull ups by the dozen, push ups – no problem, and he can hold our static positions better than anyone. He’s the stud. We will miss him.

Today, we finished the 45 minute workout with toes up to the bar. It was only Stud, downer, and me. We each did our age. So, after 65 toes, Stud got sentimental and we talked about each of the guys. He wanted me to tell them he wasn’t gone, just away for an extended while. He had a message for each of them, especially PJ, the man to his right. It was good core work followed by good conversation. The comaraderie of suffering is some of the best kind, friend…

Another stage. Another period. Another season. The warmth of another sun. Enjoy today, friend. Do hard things with those who enjoy getting better, not simply getting older. Talk. Express gratitude while you’re here.

Thank’s Stud. We will miss you…

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