Self-limiting beliefs…

…are mostly what hold you back from experiencing joy, impact and significance in work and life.

Today started at 640am sitting on the steps prior to our Core Community WedAM bible study with a client who has the right kind of pains – growing pains.   His business has rebounded from an off-year to being so busy it’s exceeding their capacity.   After having to re-schedule our last couple meetings, at the end of a long day he sent me a text last week saying he wanted to suspend for awhile.   It’s not that he doesn’t value our work, but it’s become “one more thing” to squeeze in.

When your operating temperature is simmering at 210 degrees, it just takes one more thing to overwhelm and boil over.  Makes sense to avoid the one more thing, right?

Hmm….   I asked my client what he does when his simmering pot is about to boil over on the stove, and he said “turn the stove down!”      Then I asked him why our clients who thrive view our time together as the first thing they schedule, not the last thing they try to fit in.

And he nodded.   “Got it – we’re on.”

Humans, especially leaders, are not effective operating at 210 degrees.   BTL practice and building a strong core is all about preparing to be the steadying force in the storm.   It’s about building capacity to handle more growth.

What you believe matters.   What self-limiting belief is holding you back?  What builder is alongside you to help you see what you are believing and to challenge you to see it another way?

Together we Transform.




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