Way back in the day I began my professional life as a sales trainee with IBM. The year was 1981. I lasted one year. They told me I wasn’t good enough so I ran next door to this little local tech company called CompuServe where I lasted for 20. My time there was spent entirely in sales and sales leadership, I learned a little. Here’s a quick hitter for those trying to move the needle selling something of value. Stop trying to get to yes. Yes is way over-rated. Stop trying to get people to agree with you and say those two words you’ve been told are freakin’ magic in the making. Stop aiming at “You’re right.” Instead, ask questions that lead your potential purchaser to pause and somewhat surprisingly say the two most magic words in the history of sales.

“That’s right.”

You see, when you stay intellectually curious and emotionally tuned in to the needs of the one you’re with, they are going to find themselves nodding along instead of nodding off. So, after you’ve summarized their situation with crystal clarity they are gonna have to agree. And when they say those two beautiful babies – “That’s right” their brain is now attuned to yours. Now all you gotta do is speak truth and tell them why you’re here. If there’s a match between their need and your solution, you just made a reference-able sale. No kidding, it’s that simple. Yes is over-rated. That’s right, yes is over-rated my tryingtosellsomethingofvaluefriend. Educated empathy is the high note. Aim here.

That’s right…

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