Thanksgiving thoughts…

Today in America, we have a crisis of community it would appear. The BTL leader understands that not only is freedom not free, freedom is indeed the enemy of freedom. The more freedom we possess, the more we tend to take it for granted, or, worse yet, take it to oppress others instead of giving from an abundant, blessed heart. As we enter a week of Thanksgiving and reflect on the blessings of being in this great country, let us take up the cause of collective freedom. For those reading this with warm homes and healing hearts, lets remember to share our inner resources (kind words, sincere smiles) which take nothing but oftentimes give immeasurably.

Lets remember to give outer resources as we feel led and able. Together, we can restore our families, neighborhoods, communities, companies, and country. This is a slow, methodical process. Restoring anything always is, remember. We have great freedoms and with them (Thanks, Spider-Man) come great responsibilities. We have always been up for it as Abe Lincoln eluded to when he quoted ancient scriptures in an even less civil day to inspire us toward the “better angels of our nature.” We all have bitter and better inside. Our fullest freedom is inner, friend. Our better angels set flight from deep within each of us. Slow down and sit with this awhile. Slow down, my friend, this Monday morning.

Be with. Turn off technology. Turn toward family, neighbors, community. Be kind. Take John Adams family prayer and apply it to you and yours – “Be good. Do good.” I hope to be with some of you soon. Good..

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