The process…

Recently, I reminded a BTL practice teammate that the best way to avoid “tilt” is to recognize it for what it is. This sounds easy. It is not. You see when the brain goes on tilt it is overwhelmed in the moment and flooded with all kinda chemicals that make rational thought nearly impossible. So, you’ve got to catch it early and have truth tellers who love you enough to pull you away from whatever you’re moving toward. Few have built this early warning detection system and fewer still have a true friend available on call, if you will.

In fact, most normal humans just keep blaming circumstances and others for going on tilt and end up with a life littered with “last weeks.” Make this week great, friend. Trust the process. Stick to disciplines. And, be ready to adjust as the game of life brings it to you. Yesterday, I broke out of my routine so to speak. We started a BTL team practice with a team of leaders where only a couple know anything BTL and where none of the leaders actually work together. My mind told me this was a big deal and maybe I should do something different since there were so many who knew nothing about what they were walking into. My mind told me to start with something different, something new, something fresh, something sports related or something besides the standard of “why are you here?”

I stuck to the process instead.

I trusted the process and adjusted to whatever this team of 21 gave me. Instead of going on tilt, we tasted some flow together. FM, baby. This is why we labor long and hard on building a process we believe in, friend. Your process brings peace when the pace increases. Your process brings order to ambiguity. Your process brings clarity where others sense chaos. Your process, kinda like Captain Sully’s (back in the day), leads to what others will call a miracle on the Hudson. For you, however, it’s no miracle – just mastery. So friend, trust your process (assuming you’ve built a good one). Make it a great week held together by your strong BTL core and aimed at your opus in work and in life.

This is the ultimate process, at least in my mind, friend. Good…

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