Are we ever gonna launch…

The early days of space flight were fraught with conflict over the fight for control. The engineers wanted to send “monkey’s” up in a capsule. The seven men (with the right stuff supposedly) wanted to pilot a spacecraft. The engineers didn’t design a window in the first space capsule. The seven astronauts demanded one. The engineers did not design a way for the astronauts to exit the capsule on their own. The astronauts demanded a way to blow open the hatch from the inside. The engineers did not design any over-ride controls for the astronauts. In other words, the capsule was an early Tesla kinda autonomous aircraft. The astronauts said no bueno. They demanded control of the spacecraft and even wanted control of the re-entry procedure. The engineers couldn’t believe it!

There is only us, remember.

So, friend, when you look around at the team of titans you’re trying to mesh into ONE, remember some of the right stuff about human nature. All humans, especially the elite, want some semblance of control. Most elite teams struggles center around someone’s unwillingness to let go and anothers attempt to wrestle it away. No easy answer. No easy day. Some days we gotta go the way of engineering. Some days we gotta lean toward the astronauts. Some days both sides are happy. Some days neither. However, if your team’s gonna break through, you, leader, gotta learn how to push the right buttons. This starts with the decision to push buttons, doesn’t it?

What kills both engineer and astronaut? You guessed it. Indecision. You, leader, gotta decide even if deciding means you delegate, delete, or delay. The problem I see way too often in our modern, data driven world? Way too much delaying. Way, way too much delaying. Engineers, astronauts, producers, consultants, curators, athletes, brokers, planners, operators, executives, and all kinda teammates are looking at you, leader, and muttering to themselves and each other (under their breath) a very frustrating question. I mean come on man, are we ever gonna launch?

Stop trying to reach concensus on everything. Stop waiting for one more conversation. Stop waiting for the right time. Stop waiting for someone else to push buttons for you. Initiate, leader. Decidre, leader. Push some buttons. Baby step. I mean come on man, this isn’t rocket science. Good…

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