Today’s training was stupid. We did way too much of way too many things. We did not train very smart. We trained for over 100 minutes. Stupid. We did stupid things like way too many TRX mountain climbers, downers, lunges, squats, Romanians, booties, heavies, thighslappers, and TRXchins. We did booties until they burned like someone set the hammies on fire, especially that last round led by Kevin, Blondie, and I forget who else. My cranium was cracking by that point and it felt like I was just this side of delirium.

Today’s training was stupid good.

Today, we trained the brain more than the body. Even Jiggs trained through the pain and went from ringing the bell to wringing every last rep. Stupid good. We trained the brain to keep going through the pain zone on the way to the top and all the beauty that comes when you’ve earned your way to dizzying heights and beauty beyond belief. This training will pay dividends when the brain tells my tiny twigs to lighten up, ease off the pedals, and surrender to defeat somewhere alone in the French, freakin’ Alps. Instead of listening to that tiny, whiny, voice in my head, I’ll keep working and tell myself that I’m stupid good.

In 164 short days we will take two rights out of our hotel and the climbs will begin. Thanks, Littlest Fricker, for bringing that beautiful map so we can look at what’s ahead with every 3PP. It is good to have an aim while you train, friends. Today was stupid good. So are you. Keep working, my friends. I can’t wait to see you at the top of every mountain. Good.

Downer, Littlest Fricker, Brett, Blondie, and Grappy, you are stupid. So are you, Slo, Jmo, Jiggs, and Kevin. You guys are stupid. Stupid good…

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