You most likely know that President Lincolns desk was loaded with all sorts of letters he wrote and didn’t mail. After his sudden death, these letters were discovered and what a lens they’ve become into the mind of this man. He wrote a ton of declarations that never made it out of his office. He got them out of his ruminating mind, however, with the power of the pen. Did you know that one week prior to Sherman’s historic and decisive march into Atlanta in August 1864, Lincoln wrote a letter drawing up his terms of peace with the South.

One week.

Lincoln never mailed the letter. Don’t even think about mailing it in, friend. If you are in pursuit of your dream, on the road to your opus, working and living in more and more alignment with your core, you are on the road less traveled already. Keep baby stepping. Keep working. Keep anticipating obstacles in your way. Keep preparing yourself for acute pain. Keep looking up and remembering why your aim is worth the effort. Remember another dead German dude, Nietzsche – “He who has a why can bear most any how.” So can you, young lady.

A life worth living will not be found on easy street. Be prepared for the road less traveled, my core centered, opus practitioner. Preload your response. Patience. Don’t give up on your dream. You never know when the next week just might have you burning down the house. Good…

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