Stop doing all kinds of stuff that matters…

Stop doing so much, leader. You can do more than you think, yes. For many of you, however, your problem is you’ve taken this thought so literally. Yes, the elite do more than the average Jane or Joe. Fact. Here’s the nuance.

The elite do more of only a very few things. The elite do less and stop doing all kinds of tasks on their way to doing more. This requires thought, perspective, and other people. The elite have the uncanny ability to focus attention on the tiniest detail and turn it into a difference maker. They have taken the time to understand the lynchpins to their mastery and they never stop nuancing the stuff that matters most. And, they stop doing all kinds of stuff that matters, just not as much.

You gotta let go of doing so much to do more of the right things, leader. Slow down and think ahead, broaden your perspective of time. Is what you’re doing right now, the right thing for where you want to be in one month, one quarter, one year, one decade? Think ahead. Gain perspective. Use your BTL core and opus as tools to guide you. Stop doing so much and do more (of the right things) than you think.

Stop doing all kinds of stuff that matters so you can master what matters most. Good…

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