Yesterday, during practice 24 with a team building trust 34 floors up, we practiced 14 good minutes with two of the leaders. We went fairly easy for the first 7 minutes and then I kicked off the second 7 with a hard one. I asked them both to tell us about the hardest thing they’ve ever been through and how they got through it. This question is from Doc Potterat and straight out of the SEAL entrance interview. It’s a good one. After both shared the “hardest thing” with their team, the questions increased in depth and so did our understanding.

Today, a team of 7 did hard things together for 59:59. This was chosen suffering. Yesterday, after the two leaders answered the hardest thing question, I asked the entire team to write about the hardest thing they’ve ever gone through. I told them that none of them would have to share it. After they wrote I simply asked if any of them wanted to. The room fell silent until one, brave soul decided he wanted to trust his teammates. It cascaded from there.

Today, we chose to suffer together. It was hard but we knew when it was going to end. It was finite suffering and, as I write this rant, my body is still shaking but the shake is slowing. Soon my system will be back to homo stasis. Yesterday, the team talked about unchosen suffering. Some of this stuff stays with us for our entire human existence. Some unchosen stuff leaves a permanent mark. Prepare now, friend, for that empty feeling. Prepare your system for suffering. It’s coming. Choose suffering for something that means something to you. Choose to inoculate your system to doing hard things well. Start by doing hard things not so well. Dive in the deep end. Stop habituating a long, lingering look at the water with your toes to the edge. We mostly figure out how to get through hard things well by diving in and learning as we go. And, remember, life is an energy management problem. Fill yourself up with a labor of love. Don’t buy the whole labor in vain thing. All the dinero in the world won’t stop the pain of laboring in something you loathe. Fact.

Yesterday, a team built trust by sharing opus and sharing some suffering. Life guarantees the latter. You gotta risk it to bathe in the former. Life is risk. Go on. Dive in. Love is worth it. Sure, you could come up empty, but you could discover a lifetime partner, a labor of love, and a team to grow old but not tired with. When you think about it, there’s no better bet to make, is there? Good work teams. Good work yesterday. Good work today. Together we awaken, challenge, and transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders from a lone toward all one – one L of a difference. One, distinct and deeply connected, becoming BTL. Together we transform, friends. Always together.

This morning I was empty. Now, I’m full. Good…

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